A free speaker series in partnership with the Blackstone Launchpad at UTD

Hosted on July 22nd from 9-6PM. Primarily for students ages 14-23.
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About Us

We're on a mission to inspire young people to build mission-driven companies.

Our first program
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Reach out to us at partners@satus.org, read our DMN article, and visit our FAQ section in the details tab.

2017 Speaker Program
How does it work?

All participants will attend a day-long program with multiple speakers guiding them through the in-depths of starting a business. At the end of the program, fellows will engage in a hands-on experience of creating a business from scratch through our entrepreneurship challenge.


Blackstone Launchpad at the University of Texas at Dallas


All registrations are due by July 20th. Speaker Series is held on July 22nd from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.


As part of our commitment to our mission, our program is completely free. We want each fellow to walk out with an inspired mind and the resources necessary to pursue any idea.



Who is SATUS geared for?

We're teaching young people to start companies - ages 14 to 23. We're firm believers that anyone with passion and drive can be an entrepreneur.

What's the cost of the program?

The program is completely free.

What will I get out of the program?

Each fellow will work through different aspects of starting a company in order to be prepared for their own entrepreneurship endeavors. SATUS also provides creative and technical mentorship for product development and brand development.

When are applications due?

There is no application, only registration. However, space is limited so this is a first-come-first-serve system. All registrations are due by July 16th.

Do I have to stay the entire day?


Will I have access to resources after the program is over?

Yes. You'll be able to reach out to partners and mentors whenever you need help.

Who are the partners, mentors, and speakers?

Our mentors and speakers are successful entrepreneurs and investors, who have been hand selected by the partners. You'll work with entrepreneurs your age and entrepreneurs with more experience.

Can I register if I'm not based in Dallas?

No, we're only accepting local students. If you want to stay involved with our future plans, join our waitlist on our launch page.

Can I talk to a partner before making a decision to apply?

Absolutely. Reach out to use at partners@satus.org

More Questions?

Reach out to program@satus.org.

We're super passionate about entrepreneurship

Gautam Bhargava

Founder, CEO of Peeyr and SATUS. HS dropout.

Nhi Tran

Program Director and Manager, SATUS. NYU Stern Finance and Management '20.

Michael Sitarzewski
Founder of Epic Playground, LaunchDFW
Kevin Vela
Founder of Vela Wood, Dallas Angel Network
Bryan Chambers
Blackstone Launchpad Director, VC
Sammy Abdullah
Founder, Blossom Street Ventures
Chris Bhatti
Managing Partner at Vissero Partners
Ken Koo
Founder of Bridge Alliance, Angel Investor.
Gautam Bhargava

Founder, CEO of Peeyr and SATUS. HS dropout.

Rhamy Belayachi

Founder, CTO of SATUS. Director, Just For Kidz. Vanderbilt Eng and Biz '20.

Jed Rollins

Founder, Peeyr and SATUS. Chief of Staff, Blackard Global. HS dropout.

Nathan Chiu

Founder, CPO of SATUS. UPenn Wharton Biz '20.

Register for our Summer 2017 program in Dallas.
“We don’t know who the next Mark Zuckerberg is. We don’t know who the next Elon Musk is. They’re probably 13 years old right now, and the world needs those people.”
Nick kennedy, ceo rise
"Today's dreamers are tomorrow's job creators. Innovation and spirit are two core tenets of our country, and the earlier we can foster these values the better for everyone."
Kevin vela, founder of Vela Wood and the Dallas angel network
"SATUS is an essential element in today’s education system, provided instead by a group of highly talented, coachable, and motivated young adults."
michael sitarzewski, founder of LAUNCHdfw and epic playground

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